Torque IT

EIS (as they were then known) came to Forge Creative looking to have a more professional brand identity. They felt their current identity wasn’t helping them compete at the level they required. The name ‘EIS’ was seen to be confusing and gave no insight into the company, so a renaming exercise was suggested. After several options ‘Torque IT’ was agreed upon as it suggested the speed at which the company were known for, as well as the play on words relating to them being able to ‘talk’ IT.

The next item in the branding exercise was the company logo. A simple logotype was chosen which had a clean and corporate feel, as well as being quite dynamic. This brand identity was then applied to stationery, internal documents, uniforms and signage.

The company now has the confidence to compete at a higher level, having a stronger brand identity which is unique and communicates effectively to their target market.



This communications company was aware their identity was letting them down. They were dealing with larger companies and needed an identity which reflected their professionalism. The brief was to redesign their brand identity and apply it to stationery, promotional material, signage and website. The final outcome was an identity which was contemporary and at the high level they desired.




This technologies company produce state of the art systems for military and para military applications throughout the world. Their existing logo suite and corporate identity was letting them down and not suggesting the level of quality they were known for.

A more modern, simplified company logo was designed, utilising elements from military stenciled text to better relate to their industry. Subsequent product logos were also designed, following the same style as the company logo to maintain continuity and recognition. The new identity has allowed the company to promote a more confident and up to date image and has been use on their website and range of products.

This archaeology company required re-branding for their dated image.

The use of a lizard graphic was retained from the previous logo, so as to still be identifiable, but was updated in shape and colour to reflect a more lively style. The icon has been embossed wherever printed to reinforce this lively feel, which suggests an empathy for all living things in the group’s area of operations.

The overall style, stock and colours used in the printed material reflects the Australian landscape as well as promoting the company in a professional and corporate way.